Thursday, March 17, 2011

simple joy

simple joy.
the joy that bubbles up in us and spills out for the world to see. running down a grassy hill,
you feel as if your legs will never stop,
a smile is unstoppable and you laugh until you fall down and your belly aches.
the point where you get to a gallop on horseback,
the wind rushes,
the power of the horse is felt,
and you can not stifle the smile and laugh that just comes.
the giggle that starts when your not supposed to be giggling,
the giggle is transferred to friend or sibling until it's all you can do to not explode in embarrassing laughter.
the smile you can not mask when a baby looks your way in the market and starts it's excited cooing just for you.
the smile that comes when you imagine seeing someone you have missed for a long time.
the smile this sweet one has on her face, frozen in a time of simple joy.

Photograph by Leonard Ball-Kenya

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  1. the giggling part of this definitely reminded me of us at work :) miss you darling