Saturday, January 29, 2011


She stepped onto the sidewalk and started on her way, at first just toddling, steps excited and sporadic.
Each new one brought such joy and surprise. There were flowers to pick and bright, green grass to smell. The air was warm and the sun shone above brightly.

Legs grew stronger and her way became faster. The sun shown brightly still and pine needles danced in the wind. Rain showers came, and with them was always a rainbow of promise after.

The sidewalk narrowed.
The walking space became smaller due to the mounds of ice and snow. The ice though clear and beautiful at times could be so very sharp and cold. If not careful it would cut and leave wounds deep.
Her steps were forced to be slower, cumbered steps that only came with great effort.
The snow sparkling and beautiful comforted and blanketed the ice, hiding many times the ugliness and threat.

Up ahead the sidewalk appeared changed, it was clear and shining , she forged ahead quickly, ready for the run once again!
What came was a shock. Her footing was lost, she slipped and slid out of control, ICE! Ice that was black and cold,deceiving to the naked eye.
The fall so jarred every bone, shook her to her very core.
Only left was a coldness, unable to shake, a loneliness that could not be denied.
Where was the Sun?
Where was her strength?
Her legs lay limp, injured by the fall... wearied by the run.
Thoughts of first steps on the sidewalk enveloped her memory. She missed the joy, longed for the peace and the pureness of new discovery.
Where was this place?
Did this sidewalk really lead to such an unfulfilled dead end?

All at once she was lifted in power and might, though afraid she felt not, she was so comforted by His might.
His strong steps could not falter though the ice was so thick,
His arms wrapped tightly around her and all was right.

He carried her into a garden so fair,
with birds singing and firefly's dancing all around in delight.

She grew strength in her legs and again in her heart
soon she was ready to seek back out the

Again it had changed this time with a light
it was clear
the end she saw was pure and shining

Celestial, bright full of hope and His grace,
her step though careful
were lighter now in this place.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

and it snow's....

Softly and gently huge flakes are falling,blanketing the ice cold ground. With it comes a comfort only fluffy snow can bring, warming up the frigidness that has been in our town for far too long. I'm thankful for it.